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Ashford area was originally populated by the Kwiambal people and they were descended from the Murri people who first came to live in the area now known as North West NSW a very long time ago.


The Kwiambal occupied an area that extended from Nucoorima (Pindari), to just north of Nullamanna
and Bukkulla, east of the Macintyre River near Graman, north to the line of hills marked by Bowman's Sugarloaf and Paddy's Sugarloaf.

In 1827 - Allan Cunningham crosses the Severn River, which he named as Anderson's Brook. He crosses about 1 kilometre upstream from the Severn River and Frazer's Creek junction. After crossing Frazer's Creek he camped for the night at a spot about 2 kilometres to the west of what is today Arthur's Seat homestead. Cunningham notes,


''at the close of the day we rested on a
well-watered patch of good grass

Ashford is a small, rural village located 56kms north of Inverell on a major arterial road, connecting the Gwydir and Bruxner Highways through to the Queensland border. Ashford began as a rendezvous point for shearers and shepherds from surrounding stations. It was also a regular stop-over for drovers travelling south from Queensland. From these humble beginnings the town still boasts a warm, friendly attitude towards visitors and as then Ashford still remains the perfect place to stop off on your journey south or north.


Ashford offers much more to the visitor than just a stop over point. There is much to encourage a longer stay and explore the sights the district has to offer. Activities such as fishing, inland water sports and nature walks can all be enjoyed in a peaceful and serene environment.

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